Friday, February 08, 2008

John Grisham - Write a Page a Day

Last week fellow Charlottesville author, John Grisham, was on the Today Show. In his interview with Matt Lauer the question was asked, "What advice do you have for aspiring writers," to which Grisham, in his writer-wisdom tone, responded, "Write a page a day." He was quite matter-of-fact in his response.

Matt followed with, "What if they can't think of anything to write?"

Again, in a flat-matter-of-fact tone, Grisham responded, "Then they won't get published." He continued to point at that a page a day is the equivalent of writing a book a year.

The interview reminded me that there are people who believe there's a magic formula to being a writer. Yet, it's really as clear-cut as Grisham indicated - write. It helps to be good at writing, of course, but the more you write, the more you grow as a writer. As with any profession, if you're not doing it, then you won't make it.

My personal goal is 2,000 words per day (2KWPD), and I don't believe in writer's block.

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