Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Don't Blame Amazon for Ridding "Like" and "Tags"

Here's what I know will be an unpopular post regarding Amazon ridding the Tag and Like features, but here goes:
I was happy when Amazon got rid of tags because they were overly abused by the masses, which lead to defeating the purpose of them.
The Like feature's purpose was to help Amazon identify what books you like so they can continue to make recommendations to you.
Indie Authors piled up and Liked books for fellow authors, whether they read them or not, and this skewed the purpose of the feature.
I know this won't be a welcome thought, but rather than trying to manipulate a system (aka Amazon), I wish more Indie Authors had focused on good writing and promoting authentically.
I always felt all those manipulations were just that - manipulations. Honest RTs and sharing posts on FB like many of us do is FABULOUS and how it should be done. Trying to manipulate Amazon's system, well...I honestly don't blame Amazon for getting rid of those features. I don't see them as "out to get Indie Authors" as much as Indie Authors manipulated their system, so...if these features aren't working as intended, Amazon has the right to remove them.

Lastly, Amazon used the Like feature on all their products. It's no longer on, for example, the Canon EOS T3i - or any other product. It's not all about authors, Indie or otherwise, in the Amazon world.