Monday, February 13, 2012

The Power of Vision Boards, Double Rainbows, and the Five Year Gap

Vision Board Double Rainbow 2006
If you're familiar with vision boards, you know that they are essentially a collage of things in life that you desire, make you smile, or inspire you. About five years ago, while still living in Virginia, I created several vision boards for all aspects and areas of life...from career to lifestyle to relationships.

It was on my 2006 Lifestyle board that I added this picture (top) of a double rainbow in a California valley. I was visiting California and brought home some magazines to use for vision boards since it was my goal to move to California.

Carmel Valley Double Rainbow 2011
Fast forward five or six years and I am indeed living in California, and have been for two years now. Last fall I was driving back to my place in the valley and had an amazing view of this double rainbow the entire drive. I pulled over and captured several images of it on my iPhone (didn't have my Canon DSLR yet.).

 It wasn't until this week when I realized that it's almost exactly the same as the one I glued to a vision board way back when. Besides my living in California now, this double rainbow represents one of several images I glued to the Lifestyle vision board that have now come true. Perhaps it's time to create a new vision board for the next five years?

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