Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Victoria's Secret vs. Dove - The Skinny vs. Voluptuous Campaigns

First - I'm so sick of the skinny vs. voluptuous campaigns.
My issue with these campaigns is that they're focusing on comparing the SIZE and LOOKS of women rather than the CHARACTER.
Who cares whether we're skinny or full figured as long as we're HEALTHY? I've been 5'8" 122-130 my entire adult life. I work out 5 times a week because I love cycling or hiking or whatever gets me outdoors and off my laptop for a while. It's how I'm built and how I live, but I don't expect to be criticized for being naturally thin and athletic any more than I would criticize a plus sized woman for her looks and lifestyle. Can't we just be PEOPLE and not judged by the scale and tape measure but by character!?
I've had women say some pretty snarky things to me for being thin and it's campaigns like this that compare body types and pit women against each other that continue to encourage body size being a factor instead of focusing on character
I can also guarantee that the women in the Dove ad were Photoshopped just as much as the Victoria Secret women...I see no cellulite or stretch marks, so how does that make them "real"?
As for the young girls and body image everyone is so concerned about: my question would be...are the ad campaign execs who put this stuff out there in the first place parents?
Talk to THEM.
Second - Why don't we see posts like this comparing men and their builds? Answer - because no one cares.


Morrigan Aoife said...

I have daughter who is eleven years old and weighs 73 lbs. She calls herself "Chubs" and says she needs to loose weight.

No matter how many times the Dr. says she actually needs to make gains or I talk to her about how everyone has a different body shape, it's lost upon her.

TV and Magazines help give girls a poor self image. As for the Vic. ad there is such a thing as TOO SKINNY, Good Grief that can't be HEALTHY!

Heather Hummel said...

My point is that the emphasis should not be on what the tape measure or scale says, we should be focusing on people's character.