Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Elusive Green Ray: A Magical Beginning to 2012

2012 is intended by many to be a magical year. So, it may be no coincidence that this image was captured on New Year's Day as it represents a number of themes, including endings, new beginnings, true love, and most of all, magical moments

When I saw the results of my capture, it instantly became my all-time favorite. What I didn't know, however, was about the elusive Green Ray seen in the sunset. Apparently what I have inadvertently captured with my Canon T3i is a rare phenomenon that many have set out to experience. I had no idea of this rare experience until people began responding to my photograph, staring this morning with a Flickr friend who posted this comment:

Atmospheric, romantic shot. You have captured the Green Ray! According to [author] Jules Verne, when one sees Le Rayon Vert at sunset - our own thoughts and those of others are revealed as if by magic.

Then another friend responded with:

The quote mentioning Jules Verne caught my attention. He wrote a book called “the Green Ray” which was actually a sappy romantic novel, but he was making an analogy between the rarity of true love and  what we call the green flash.  It is my favorite atmospheric phenomenon.

The Green Ray novel's summary:

The heroes are trying to observe the green ray in Scotland. After numerous unsuccessful tries caused by clouds or distant boat sails hiding the sun, the phenomenon is eventually visible, but the heroes, finding love in each other's eyes, don't pay attention to the horizon.

Response and an Artist's Impression:

The response to this photo has been overwhelming. I'm amazed at the number of people who have heard of the Green Ray (also known as Green Flash). I had a few people comment on the leaning horizon, saying that it should be flat. However, when I showed the picture to my cousin, world renowned artist Dick Crispo, he said:

1. The Green Ray is incredibly rare - he has painted it before, but has come up against many naysayers who claim it doesn't exist. He couldn't believe I happened to catch it in an image.

2. I asked him why all of my photos' horizons tend to lean left. He laughed and told me how he tells all of his students that the horizon leans left...go with it.
(They often paint the ocean in his art classes here in Carmel.)

This magical image has made the beginning of 2012 a most remarkable one for me, and it's my New Years wish to everyone that 2012 is the most magical year yet! 

Ultimate Irony
The ultimate irony of this image, is that I was only able to capture one more after this one before the battery on my Canon died.

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Anonymous said...

Incredible. What magic!

Reg Cragin said...

There is a great book written in the 1920's called; " The Power of Color". It mentions the green flash at sunset as being the most powerful, and magical of all moments. I have spent much time at sunsets, and have seen it often. It is very fleeting, does happen, and is very awesome. It requires much patience, only since we have so much time, why not pause, and take in some peace, and enhance your overall experience in this lifetime. Cheers !